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ShadowRiders is a guild in the Arcadian Forest server of Order and Chaos. We welcome players level 20 and up, of all ages, abilities, specialties and interests. The guild was formed by a close group of experienced players with the intention of building a community that would become greater than the sum of its members. Although everyone solos Order and Chaos at times, it's an MMO after all, and part of what makes the game so fun and addicting is the people you meet, interact with, and forge relationships with. This is what ShadowRiders is about. We roll together. We help each other. We share our knowledge and experiences with each other. We celebrate each others' accomplishments. And we share in the disappointments. We're friends.

We're glad you've joined us and can't wait to get to know you better! If you are not a member yet and would like to be a member, please apply/register.

There is a one week probationary period that all new members must go through. It's simple. If you're nice, active and helpful you will be promoted to member status.

  • Please don't act like a jerk to your guildies. Be respectful.
  • Have a question about a quest? Equipment? Toon class? Ask it in guild chat. We are here to help each other.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise. We've all had help in this game. Do the right thing and help someone yourself.
  • Language in guild chat. Please be aware that we have grade school age members.
  • Ganking low level players is not tolerated in ShadowRiders and may result in dismissal from the guild.
  • Met someone and became instant friends? Hooked up with an awesome player? Tell them about ShadowRiders and ask any admin to extend that player an invitation to join. Recruiting is our lifeblood; please help us grow.
That's it! Go have fun in the game and be sure to say "Hi" in guild chat when you log on.

  • Rolph 
  • LiMuBai
  • Abaddon
  • Zatris
  • Anurada
  • SweetAcid
  • Eorendel
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By Shadowplay1981, Mar 25, 12 2:19 PM

This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!

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